Research & Development

Research & Development

Research, development and documentation is an important component of any institution. It is necessary to ensure that up-todate research work is being carried out in line with the development goals of an institution. Our research is vibrant to come up with tools required for application of climate information in the decision making process. It is directed at how to better improve the outputs of ICPAC applications, as opposed to being ‘pure’ research.

Our major objectives is to improve the technical capacity of producers and users of climatic information while at the same time enhancing the input to climate monitoring and forecasting products and use of the same products.

The specific objectives include:

  • Strengthening the area of Applied Research.
  • Capacity Building.
  • Assisting in project formulation and development.
  • Information Documentation and Library archives.

The research activities include:

  • Review and prioritize relevant research activities of regional and international importance.
  • Carry out relevant research activities that would reduce climate related risks for the different socio-economic sectors.
  • Encourage activities that would promote Applied Research in the understanding of climate systems as opposed to theoretical research.
  • Encourage collaborative research work with local universities, research centers and other international research institutions in the area of applied research.
  • Encourage the Development of Pilot Application Projects relevant to specific socio-economic sectors in the region.
  • Development and testing of forecast models as well as user specific products.
  • Use the results from various research work undertaken in the division to conduct Capacity Building Training workshops.
  • Find ways of patenting and protection of the research discoveries carried out for the region.
  • Documentation the research findings in the Library.
  • Collection and archiving of relevant research publications, journals and reports from other research institutions in the library.
  • Publications of reports on hard copies, CDs, Bulletins and other media of storage.